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Ortiz Automotive Client Testimonials

“I was driving down the freeway when I felt my tire blow out. I knew I had one in the back of my car but had no clue how to change it. I called Ortiz Automotive San Diego and within 30 minutes, a friendly technician was at my location and assisted me with changing the tire in no time. He helped me get back on the road and I made my meeting on time.

“I knew my car was having problems and I hoped I could at least make it to my office before it died. Thanks to Ortiz Automotive San Diego, when the car died in the middle of the street, they were there in no time. They towed my vehicle at a fair and reasonable price and the technician was friendly and informative. I’d recommend Ortiz Automotive San Diego to all my friends.”

“I was locked out of my vehicle and could see the keys on the seat of the car. Yet due to the high security features on my vehicle, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get inside. Within 30 minutes, a licensed technician with identification arrived in an easily identifiable van and helped me get back in my car. Thanks so much Ortiz Automotive for helping me during my emergency situation.”

“I was making the long road trip to my parent’s house in Nevada and wanted to make sure that my car was running properly. I assumed I had to call and auto body shop, but when I saw that Ortiz Automotive does auto repair work as well, I gave them a call. They checked my breaks and helped me change the oil. My car ran smoothly all the way home. Thanks for making my road trip more safe and easy.”

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