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Being stuck with a car that refuses to start is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone on the road. It may be something as simple as needing gasoline or it could be some kind of mechanical failure. In all such situations one needs the services of a tow truck in San Diego to get you out of it.

At Ortiz Automotive we are specially geared towards such emergencies and provide a comprehensive service to our customers. We are equipped to provide roadside assistance like gasoline, changing flat tires, dealing with car lockouts and so on. In the unfortunate condition where your car might have had a breakdown, we also provide a towing service in and around San Diego CA.

Our focal point is customer satisfaction at all costs. As it is almost impossible to predict when and where you may require the services of a tow truck San Diego, it is our attempt to be always ready to reach you at the earliest. In fact we proudly claim that we can be with you within 30 minutes of your call if not less.

At Ortiz Automotive we lay special emphasis on providing quality service and therefore all our truck drivers as well as technicians are well trained, licensed and bonded.

We can handle all kinds of towing needs like flatbed and dolly tow regardless of the distance involved. So whether you require a tow truck San Diego for a short distance only or need to have your vehicle towed over long distance we can tow your vehicle without causing any further damage to it.

We make all attempts to solve our customers roadside problems and ensure that we do not worsen it by over charging. Our services are the most economical in the industry.
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