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Comprehensive Wrecker Service in San Diego

There’s no doubt cars make life a whole of lot easier and more comfortable. The ability to get from point A to point B when you want to, how you want to, and with the company you want, is something most car owners cherish. However, there’s no good without bad apparently, and sometimes accidents happen. These may involve a single vehicle, two vehicles, and sometimes even more. At extreme cases involved vehicles sustain so much damage they’re warped beyond use and are called a wrecker.

Wreckers pose a whole new danger to other traffic as these vehicles cannot, usually, move on their own, and therefore remain in their position until professional towing services come to the rescue. The most important thing to do in such cases is calling up a professional, well equipped, high quality wrecker service, just like Ortiz Automotive offers to the people of San Diego and its surroundings. So when you are in any kind of wrecker involved situation, remember that high quality service is our specialty and is only a phone call away.

Keeping San Diego Roads Safe

Being an integrative part of the San Diego community, the local people are the most valuable thing that always keeps us eager to maintain professional and excellent towing services. We take extra pride in our own wrecking service as we constantly train our towing technicians to be able to cope with sensitive roadside situations that require handling and performing with a wrecker tow truck. We are fully equipped with the latest tools and machinery to accompany our cutting-edge wrecker tow truck, which is specifically designed to cope with misshapen vehicles and carry them safely away.

It is of paramount importance for the wrecker service to be performed as reliably and as fast as possible, as the roads must be cleared with no setbacks to avoid any further damage.

Certified Roadside Assistance Professionals

Performing a wrecker service is not a task for those with no proper training or knowledge. The wrecker truck itself requires handling experience and the ability to assess the surrounding vehicles’ weight, shape, and position, with no room for mistake.

Our crew is certified and qualified to provide a top-notch wrecker service for the residents of the San Diego area, whom we are glad to serve. There is no substitute to a professionally delivered solution, especially when it comes to roadside malfunctions and high risk roadside circumstances.

Serving Our Friends & Family

That is exactly how we consider our services, as ones that are given to our local community which we value dearly, and with which we have created a special bond over the years. We offer 24/7 available service and a maximum arrival time of only 30 minutes.

Contact us at (619) 768-0972 and receive a comprehensive service package to your 100% satisfaction. When on the roads of San Diego – you need to know you have the right kind of team to be there when duty calls. Ortiz Automotive are the ones to count on.

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